Barangay Brookside Kagawad
I am Jonathan N. Villena, 36 years old and a resident of Brookside, Baguio City. I am currently an elected Barangay Kagawad while I also hold the position of a Public Relations Officer for the Association of Barangay Kagawads in Baguio City.

I was formerly a Barangay Treasurer and the former President of the Association of Barangay Treasurers in Baguio City.


Each person plays a role even from the underprivileged to the lushest man, we have a dynamic role in this world. There is no exemption I am a citizen of this country and it is my duty to do my role as a NATION BUILDER


Barangay Kagawad

Performs and discharges duties with the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence and skill. Serves the people with utmost devotion and dedication to duty.

Always upholds the public interest above personal interest. The resources and powers of duties and responsibilities shall be employed and used efficiently, effectively, honestly and economically, particularly to avoid wastage in public funds and revenues.

Enact ordinances as may be necessary to discharge the responsibilities conferred upon it by law or ordinance and General Advocacy on the Full Disclosure Policy particularly:

* Posting of Barangay Annual Budget

* Posting of Summary of Income & Expenditures (Sec. 352. LGC)

* Posting of Component of the IRA Utilization

* Posting of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

* Posting of Items to Bid

* Posting of Bid Results on Civil Works, and Goods & Services

* Posting of Abstract of Bids as Calculated

* Posting of Itemized Monthly Collections and Disbursements



Helping the Community

* Accompanied a resident to the nearest Police Station to report thieves.

* Accompanied two vagrant children back to their home in Navy Base.

* Issued a Barangay Protection Order to a woman against her violent partner.

* Regularly participates in cleaning the Balili River.

Conducts free Catechism Classes for grade school students at Don Mariano Marcos Elementary School.

Oversees the proper segregation and disposal of garbage within the Barangay.

Sponsored an ordinance which was approved namely:

A tax ordinance amending the Brookside Barangay Tax Ordinance #0307-01 Series of 2007 Stipulating the amount to be collected for barangay clearances and fees.



Master of Public Management - Present
University of the Philippines Open University
(DILG Scholar)

Diploma in Computer Science - Class of 2012
University of the Philippines Open University
(DILG Scholar)

Bachelor or Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management - Class of 2000
University of Baguio